Browsinform - Quick Edition

MS Office Add-ins


Allows you to publish Database tables into a browser for easydistribution to end-users. Non-programmers can quicklybuild an interactive search and list interface, and distribute it over the internet, without any server programming, or browser configuration. The functionality offered by Browsinform is similar to that delivered by web server dynamic applications presenting data from a Database, in that it provides the user with full control over what to display and how to display it, without the set-up and maintenancecosts associated with these types of programs. Data tables can be maintained in a Database, Spreadsheet or Flat File,and can be accessed statically through a LAN/WAN or disk/CD-ROM, or dynamically through a Web Server (e.g. dynamic ODBC queries), using the same interface and control files, and presenting the same interface to the end users. You can have any number of tables, with any number of rows and columns. You specify which fields from each table can be searched on and which fields will be displayed in the search result. For each field, you can specify the prompt and title text, as well as query and display behavior.Users can search on any field or on global keyword using query forms automatically generated by Browsinform. Query forms can contain checkboxes, listboxes, and textfields.The user can sort the search results list on any column.The data is automatically displayed as links or images when appropriate.


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