Botstation STAgent

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Did you ever want to send Sametime messages directly from your LotusScript and Java agents but could not do it because such functionality is not currently available in Domino? With powerful features included in STAgent you can in a matter of seconds add Sametime's instant messaging functionality to your Domino LotusScript, Java agents, Java stand-alone applications and servlets. This functionality will give your existing applications new innovative ways to interact with users, enhance workflows, alarms, scheduled activities. With help of Botstation STAgent you can transform your regular Domino agents into messaging tools capable to programmatically perform following operations: - Send Sametime messages - Send Sametime announcements - Check user's online status - Can be used in agents, stand-alone applications or as a Java servlet - Send Sametime messages from Windows Command Prompt and from Linux Here are just a few ideas of applying STAgent functionality in different areas: - instead of sending reminders via email, deliver them instantaneously to the recipient with a Sametime message - notify responsible persons about documents in workflow which require their response - inform Helpdesk staff when an urgent issue is added to database and requires their immediate attention - remind users about meetings and appointments - if there are several people who are responsible for solving a particular task, you can easily verify their online status and send a message to the first available person. It's very easy to begin using STAgent functionality. STAgent's code can be pasted into any existing LotusScript and Java agent and in just a few seconds you are ready to begin using new instant messaging features!


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