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'Bio' means life. 'Rhythm' means aflow or movement. Biorhythm means the flow of life's energy. We each have three internal biorhythms, each with its own regular rhythm.Our biorhythms move in a wave like fashion, taking from three weeks to a month to go from peak to peak. These are the three cycles of energy that govern the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of our lives, and which determine our daily ups and downs. There are 512 different biorhythmic combinations, so it's pretty obvious how many changes we all continually go through. What we have in knowing the patterns of our biorhythms is that extra edge in life. When we realize that we are in a constant state of change, there is a sense of relaxation and a release from anxiety. We cease to hold onto these momentary feelings and physical states, knowing that they will pass. This is only one of the many realizations we have enjoyed over the years, using the knowledge from the union of these two great bodies of wisdom.

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