Billing Management Utility



Billing and inventory management utility provides various types of reports like purchase, production, ledger, balance sheet, trial balance etc. Business accounting utility provides login and freeze data facility, no user can change, delete or modify data. Financial accounting and inventory management software provides database connectivity feature in order to access financial data, reports stored in LAN network. Advanced accounting software prepares various voucher entries of product including quotation (sale/purchase order), sale register/return, purchase register/return, stock (stock transfer/material in), payment/journal voucher, credit-debit number etc. Billing management software provides data backup and restore facility for financial data in specific drive/location. Software facilitates user to convert currency of any geographical area. Financial accounting utility avoids data redundancy and generates accurate report. Tax management utility gives detailed company tax information including tax type (sale/purchase), taxation type (tax paid, taxable, against ST form, exempt, multi tax), transaction type (stock, transfer, billing). Billing management program can easily be executed under all Windows operating system including NT, 2000, XP, Vista. Features: * Business account management utility maintains and updates consumers and vendors detailed information. * Financial transaction management application is very useful for maintaining database of small or large scale industries. * Billing and inventory management software provides database, report access facility through LAN network. * Billing management program provides detail information about tax type, taxation type, transaction type etc. * Advanced accounting utility provides data backup, restore and currency conversion facility


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