BILLPRO POS for Restaurant

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Billpro is a complete professional Point Of Sale and Back Office software application for the food industry: Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, NightClubs, or even any retail shop. It's highly customizable and password-secured. You're able to integrate touch screens, printers, and print out daily ledgers to track customers, orders, inventory, and receipts. Set local taxes using U.S. or European conventions and accept payments by cash, credit card, or checks in multiple currencies, with or without discounts. Be able to split up a check, send the orders to the kitchen in rank of servicing, and choose each server’s access rights. Billpro handles 25 different points of sale in five different facility types, with a menu for each site. Available in single terminal version as well as for unlimited network, Billpro exists also for use on Pockets PCs (PDA). Technical support is provided for free and unlimited time, by phone or e-mail. Available in multiple languages, Billpro is already used in more than 6500 restaurants in 84 countries.


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