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Find a spelling of word from its abstract pronunciation (i.e. AsifSound). Includes mathematical Set concept and Japanese culture way. It is a grouping technique. (Data = MS-Excel 97) This original dictionary is the public "CMU Pronouncing Dictionary". [AsifSound definition:append Prefix "qq" into Spelling] ----Using only ; A,B,D,F,G,H,K,L,N,P,S,T (Non case-sensitive). A={ x ; x= vowels ,W , Y or all previous combination }, B={ b, v}, D={ d, dg(as bridge), th(as the), z, dz, su(as lesure)}, F={ f}, G={ g}, H={ h}, K={ k}, L={ l, r}, N={ m, n, ng (, nk)}, P={ p}, S={ s, sh, th}, T={ ch, t, th, ts} (,W={ w}, Y={ j})


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