3f Software Planner 2004 Standard Plus!

Project Management


Web-based project management tool for software and engineering projects. This tool lets you plan and schedule resources using the powerful Gantt diagram. A built-in stopwatch-like time tracking application runs in the background to track the exact amount of time spent working on a project. Tasks are easily organized into groups and sub groups and time allotment for each task can be easily estimated as the task may be broken down into smaller tasks. Now time scheduling is more accurate without any extra effort! The 3f Software Planner 2004 has a very comprehensive bug-tracking system that keeps track of resolved and unresolved bugs in projects. The system lets you setup categories on the fly to organize these errors. If projects are linked, unresolved bugs from the previous version are automatically carried over to subsequent versions of the same project. The system also has a built-in note-taking tool. Regardless of where you are in a project, Quick Notes lets you easily enter a note just like a "sticky note". Quick Notes are easily converted into tasks or bugs. The 3f Software Planner 2004 also provides a repository of files for each project, allowing you to upload and download project files as much as you please. Its wide range of reports gives you unprecedented information about your company and projects' progress. Reports can be printed and exported as Excel, PDF, RTF, TIFF and HTML. The scalable design of the 3f Software Planner allows you to easily upgrade from Standard Edition to Standard Plus! or Professional all the way up to the Enterprise Editions! The server software is designed to run on anything from a single Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional to Windows 2000/2003 Advanced Server. It uses MSDE or MS-SQL Server 2000 as its database engine.


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