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1st French ExamCram When You Have to Learn a Lot Fast. Natural & Easy Way to Learn Learn French the same way you learned English. Words are spoken to you. Hear them. Speak them. See them. Spell them. You know them. Ace a Test Students can start receiving A's on their next vocabulary and conjugation test after spending as little as fifteen minutes daily with ExamCram. Work Less, Learn More It organizes your learning, and targets the areas you need to devote your time. You work less and learn more. This makes learning easier. You learn faster and remember longer. Speak French Included is a text to speech generator that properly pronounces all French words, including the various conjugated forms and the words and phrases you entered. Infinitive Conjugation It can conjugate all infinitives including irregulars and the various forms used for making flash cards, conjugation charts, conjugation list and for pronunciation practice. Preset Word Lists Included are files of words and phrases separated in lists from beginner to advanced, and a master list of over 5000 words. Just point and click to add to your own list. Your Own Word List You can create personalized lists of words by entering your own and by selecting from our preset lists. Monitor Your Progress ExamCram monitors your responses. It adjusts its focus to target your most changelling words. This eliminates studying what you already know. The result is the fastest possible learning with total recall. Progress Reports These show the results of your responses. You can see how consistently you answered each word correctly, and where you need more practice. Speaking Instructions Just click a button to hear spoken how-to-use instructions. Off Line Create off-line study aides to use when a computer is not available. Conjugation charts. word lists. crisscross puzzles. flash cards can be printed for off-line use. Free Trial No cost. No obligation. Free download.


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