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USE THE MOST POPULAR YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR YOUR WEBSITE MARKETING! Now you can use popular videos on YouTube - news, politics, music, sport .. any interesting video on YouTube - FOR YOUR WEBSITE PROMOTION - WITHOUT PROBLEMS WITH "CAN SPAM Act" "link2best link": entertainment + advertising = unique way to promote your website or blog!! - LINK your website or blog with the most popular YouTube videos visited by hundreds of thousands visitors. Choose the most interesting video from any YouTube category, video with the growing popularity on YouTube or video from specialized area that interests your current or potential clients or customers. Just select video you want, include in your "link2best link" and submit to your friends, business partners, members of your social network, clients, customers .... or or anyone, from your opt-in email or contact list. On this way you can spread ANY number of links to your website or blog without problems with "CAN SPAM Act". - NO more high marketing costs - NO expensive search engine optimization or SEO friendly website redesign - NO more useless bulk email ( SPAM ) campaigns - NO more expensive CPC campaigns or banners - NO change on your current website or blog content - NO software download Spend just 10 - 15 minutes a day, send your "link2best link" and watch the exponential growth of your website or blog popularity. Of course, you can send any number of your" link2best links" per day/week/month. With a small snowball ( few dozen of links ) start an avalanche of internet visitors on your website or blog. Sit back and watch how others between their contacts or between their friends on social networks share your website or blog promotion and build ( for free ) YOUR promotion network. Exchange of interesting videos is a common activity for millions of people. Did you know that YouTube serves up over 200 million video clips per day?


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