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dbQwikSite: Web Store and Web Application Builder PC software for building all kinds web applications connected to databases. dbQwikSite is an intelligent code generator saving hours of tedious web programming. Absolutely no coding required. Highlight Features: -Generates complete interactive database web sites with no coding -Generates both ASP and PHP scripts for deployment to any server -Host on either Unix or Windows -Works with most popular databases such as: MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL -Creates record search and display pages -Export web record sets to PC -Creates data entry pages with data validation -Creates Web Stores with integrated shopping carts -Integrates to payment processing services: PayPal, SecPay, Authorize.net and WorldPay -Integrated web publishing support -Integrated database management tools -Database "Up Sizing" and "Down Sizing" and conversion support -Integrated Security -Localization Support -Extensive support for controlling and customizing page appearance Other Great Features: -Split into any number of records per page -Generate hyperlinks containing data from your database -User definable HTML templates - allow you to create virtually any layout -Use virtually any database (ADO connection) -Static or Dynamic Drop Down Lists -Create E-Mail Pages containing data -Create Shopping Carts and Checkout Pages -Integrate with PayPal Shopping Cart and On-line payment processing -Integrated Visual Query Builder to select database data with absolutely no SQL knowledge required -Integrated Date Picker -Visitors can sort data by clicking column headings -Join tables by dragging and dropping join columns -SQL editor allows full control of SQL for SQL specialists -Customizable data formatting. Eg. Dates, Numbers and Currencies -Generate E-Mail links using database data


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