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The WizAdvisor is an innovative and efficient virtual advisor tool that helps enterprises with a broad product or service range to promote their offers to clients and customers. Thousands of customers have used the intelligent WizAdvisor software to find and buy products. Like a good sales advisor, the WizAdvisor creates a dialogue with your customers, asking questions about usage and needs, to present then the best suited products or services. Due to life calculation and dynamic questions, the WizAdvisor always comes up with a result - no frustrating "Sorry, no product found. Try again."-results. The WizAdvisor is easy to setup and to easy to maintain. Product or services data, paramaters and questions are all administered by a backend (CMS), to keep all up to date. A statistics module provides you with valuable market research data about your customers needs and preferences, and measures the contribution of the WizAdvisor to your sales success. The WizAdvisor can be used as web application to provide services on websites and onlines shops, at the Point-of-Sale (PoS), or even offline as CD-version. We offer a unique tool which makes a big difference for customer service and the success of your website! Licenses are available for either small businesses, or a fully integrated solution for e-commerce and enterprise needs. The WizAdvisor E-Marketing Professional Version manages portfolios up to 50 products. Available as Enterprise Version: Managing larger portfolios, international usage, additional advisory modules (product configuration), database import / export, unlimited products, multiple usages, adapt to corporate design, service package, and more. Field of applications: Product or Service Selection: Tourism, Electronics, Technical Guidance, Sports Tools, Fashion, License Guidance, Financial Services, Human Resources, Helpdesk, Complex Web Navigation, Personality Tests, Public Services, Gift Finder, and many more.


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