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TechWriter for XML Schemas is a Windows desktop application that generates documentation for XML Schema Definitions (XSDs) and XML DTDs. Automatically Generated: TechWriter automatically generates the documentation for your XML schema. By collecting information about the elements, attributes and types directly from the schema itself, TechWriter is able to leverage the work already done. Easy to Maintain: Nobody likes outdated documentation. As your XML schema changes over time TechWriter automatically detects the change and adjusts the documentation to match. Multiple Output Choices: Create both printed and online documentation at the same time. TechWriter can generate your documentation in HTML Help, PDF, RTF/Word and Web site formats. Easy to Use: Throw out those clumsey and complicated authoring tools. TechWriter's tabbed user interface brings structure and simplicity to the process of document generation. Creating your first XML schema reference document is only a few mouse clicks away. Targeted Audience: Documentation generated by TechWriter can be targeted towards different audiences by controlling what information is included. Different elements, attributes and types can be excluded by simply selecting a check box. And using TechWriter's advanced filtering, you can set up rules to exclude information based on naming conventions. TechWriter also gives you control of the level of detail that is included in the documentation. For example, you can choose to either include or exclude the descriptions for complex types.

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