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You need this flexible and easy-to-use html editor becase of this reasons: *It is one of the best HTML editors in the whole world *It has a big suite of tools and samples which can help you to develop your sites with a big speed *It has a great templates system based on Base Templates and on User Templates *It has unique system of inserting mail links protected from spam scanners *It has perfect XP styled interface and a lot of popup hints *It useful and easy to use *It has dynamic updating system *It has a big suite of tags and descriptors (about 50!) *It has a simple Wizard which can help users to create there own personal pages *It has a small size and big settings system *It can preview your site in it's own browser or in Internet Explorer, Opera, NetScape or another *It has multilanguage system and can be translate into several languages and you can choose encoding of site for more compatibility with all browsers *It has an interesting meta tag system *It can insert rollover images into your site and you mustn't worry that some browser cannot read it - SamplePage add the necessary code that help all of the browser view it Choose SamplePage and your website will be the best.


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