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View Flash Movies (SWF), Flash Videos (FLV) and Flash Projectors (EXE). Browse your flash files using Previews powered File Browser or export Playlists. Open flash files in Full Screen with all Playback Controls and menus automatically showing around screen edges. Display flash clips in a window with user interface fully hidden. Organize Favorite Places for quick browsing. Batch create high quality previews for lots of SWF movies. Specify a folder and SWF.max Flash Tools will export JPEG thumbnails for all SWF Movies it locates. Write practical meta information (e.g. movie frame dimensions, length, file size, flash version, fps or description) to XML file. Shots may be of any size you need. Open any utility you need after image generation is finished. Modify advanced preview generation options, e.g. image quality, antialiasing, background color and a frame to pick a thumbnail from. Create quality Screen Shots for Flash files and mark any frame as a Preview. Automate SWF.max actions with a help of command line scripting. Save JPEG files and MP3 music from Flash files. Have fun working with SWF Movies!


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