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SWF-AVI-GIF Converter alows you convert Flash (SWF, FLV) and Video (AVI) files to animated GIF, or convert SWF/FLV to AVI. With just 3 easy steps you can capture selected frames of Macromedia Flash or AVI Video file and save them to GIF, or create AVI file from Flash. A lot of output settings available, so you will always get the best result. Key Features: - Convert SWF to GIF , FLV to GIF (Show animated GIF on your site instead of using the hard flash movies!). - Convert SWF to AVI (Do you know Flash? Let's produce your own AVI movies!). - Convert FLV to AVI (Convert youtube and other internet movies to home video!). - Convert AVI to GIF (Create movie previews for your site!). - Works wit ALL KINDS of SWF and FLV movies (even with complex structure, with repeats, with 1 frame). - Change width, height, color depth, background, transparent color of outputed file. - Change quality of recorded file. - Change freqency of frames recording. - SWF, FLV, AVI playback - User-friendly, pretty crystal interface.


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