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Record Camera To FLV (RecCam2FLV) is a function packed web-based application that records capture devices such as camera, webcam... on user PC and stores as FLV files on server using Flash streaming technology. Record quality can be controlled by user. When stop recording, FLV file is immediately created on Red5 Server without extra time for upload. User can also replay recorded FLV file or record again. Requirements: Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server or your own server to install Red5 (Opensource); FlashPlayer 9 or later; Camera /webcam (or Virtual Camera), capture device. It is very easy to setup and use without programming skill. Release History: Version: 1.0 first version released on Aug 12, 2009; Version: 1.2 released on Aug 27, 2009. New features: Allow enable/disable EchoSuppression and LoopBack; Allow download FLV file in preview Note: if quality of movie is low so reduce bandwidth and record again. sourcecode is included in purchased package.


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