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Question Writer is a rapid e-learning development tool designed to create professional tests and assessments. It offers these benefits: Easy-to-use interface with powerful compiler Rapid development of tests, assessments and surveys, therfore reducing development time and saving on cost Create professional test within hours not weeks or months No coding required Designers can make professionally looking tests without any coding programming required Macromedia Flash Based Assessment is delivered as Flash MX (Flash 6) Removes discrepancies between different browsers to allow end-users to experience a fair and consistent test The only requirement is Flash 6 (already installed on over 95% of client machines) Customise and import Flash content Customise and import virtually ANY external Flash content, making the test as individual as you want Multimedia files such as pictures, videos, audio and animations can be incorporated into the test Real flexibility Question component architecture lets you to define your own unique question types and reuse them, or choose from a variety of preset types Huge variety of question types Multiple Choice include * single answer * multiple answer * true/false * Likert scale * matrix based * hotspot Open Ended include * fill-in-the-blank * essay style * short answers * numeric entry * multiple entry * matrix based text-entry Supplied Question Components include * drag and drop ranking * drop down multiple choice Tell your user how they have performed with Question Writer's advanced feedback Move, add, remove and customise any aspects of your tests, make it as individual as you want Real reusability Never create a test from scratch again! Import content, questions, themes and question components from previous tests into a new one Multi languages support Accessibility


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