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Shadow v1.2 is intended for storage of confidential information in multimedia-format and for play/view a multimedia-files of various formats with decoding "on-fly". Also Shadow can be intended for the ciphered transfer of the confidential information through Internet. GenieSys Shadow v1.2 operates with files of three types of the data: - Multimedia stream - MPEG Video: *.mpeg, *.mpg - Video CD: *.dat - AVI: *.avi - Qtime movies: *.mov - MP3 Audio: *.mp3 - Wave files: *.wav - MIDI Files: *.mid. *.rmi - Shadow files: *.bmp, *.shd. - Text files: *.txt Files such as multimedia stream can be ciphered and protected by the password from the non-authorized play/viewing and editing. If files are ciphered, at their loading the password which should consist from 4 - 16 symbols is requested. The ciphered files can have expansion .shd or .bmp when they are hidden in bitmap-files *.bmp. Shadow v1.2 also allows as files such as multimedia stream to open the majority of files of images: *.jpg, *.gif, etc.


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