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- It is a professional XML template that includes all necessary components, presentation of a portfolio. All parts website is set in XML files. - Thumbs menu is automatically arranges depending on the size of the user window, large photos slides by mouse movement. It has automatic slideshow function, description, external link to each picture. - XML gallery websites for professional photographers, for very large pictures (even 360), the gallery with grid menu, resizable and redistributed according to the size of the window. FEATURES - resizable template - fullscreen obtion - automatic resetting thumbs gallery - automatic slideshow - photo describtion - photo - external link - slide menu and submenu - grid gallery - drop down button category - video player with slider thumbs (resizable) - contact form - XML-PHP - news XML form - MP3player - you can upload any file SWF just configuring XML file - simple change your thumbs size - upload any numbers of pictures and video files.


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