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EgeCMS is the first Multi-Sites Builder, it can manage servial sites with different types. eg, News,Press Release,Software Download, Shareware Affiliate, Blog,Forum etc. Using the Form Maker Online tools, then edit diffrent pages' content online (What You See Is What You Get ) with different property, make it possible to build multi-sites on one server,and publish individual site which the Domain binded with other server to remote server automatically. The web page path is neat and orderly , all Html pages published, with some tools of SEO, it's the best sites marketing system. * Builder multi sites with one system. * Form Maker online, makes you edit pages with different items. * Pages Version Management, record the history of pages. * All Html pages published, even Catalog,Tag,Searh,Rss pages. * Authority of user group expand easily. * Suck up the pad file data. * Rss Creator and Sitemap Creator. * The Greate Search function, and build more html pages with high keywords density * 2.0+MS SQL , supported on any server system environment. EgeCMS Multi-Sites Builder Pro is the only one Multi sites manager, adapt to the highest Web Marketing technology, with the assistance of User Group management, EgeCMS meet the marketing management of big company's Web Marketing, and make it possible to build a Service System. Using EgeCMS Multi-Sites Builder Pro: * Friendly with Google and Yahoo. * Any template support, and you can copy a sites with no miss. * The management of editor,manager,admimistrator helps you manage your company. * The authority management of Page Publish, and record the every edition of pages, helps you back up all datas and optimize easily. * The public datas shared, it's a individual function , helps you manage important marketing datas. * Automatically publish the individual sites, manage multi sites on different server. * Free support and service.

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