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  • Developer: Idxstream, Inc.
  • Home page: www.digi.ws
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 250 KB
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Digi.Lite is a powerful solution of managing and creating web-sites; it is the easiest way to create, modify and update your own website without any need for technical knowledge. This product is ideal not only for professional developers. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG-based editing system will help you to master Digi.Lite in almost no time. Features: Installation and support - our customers are provided with product installation and one year of support for free. Easily re-branded as YOUR complete web management solution - No server-side coding needed. Make a huge markup and set your own prices - our innovative licensing structure means you can resell the solution in large quantities and provide a great service to your customers! WYSIWYG - A powerful and as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word WYSIWYG editor freely creates and modifies pages of your website assuring professional quality. And with such features as spell check along with similar to MS Word interface you can really feel you use the text editor you are accustomed to. Complete support for stylesheets - if your HTML code contains a <style> tag or links to a stylesheet, then those styles will automatically be available in the stylesheet drop down list in the toolbar! NO database required - it will work directly with your html files in any html format file and can be configured to recognise shtml, asp, php and other formats. You create files in any Html Editors using templates? - no problem, Digi:Lite edits those files with the editable regions intact, restricting end users so that they only edit the regions you specify! You can stay with your customary browser as Digi:Lite supports not only the most commonly used Internet Explorer but Opera and Mozilla, too.


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