DCoM SWF Optimizer

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SWF Optimizer performs the following optimization features: For a single file: 1.Replaces a tag by a shorter one. 2.Proclaims a tag short if it can be short and its length is less than 63 bytes. 3.Removes ActionScripts that dont contain any meaningful commands. 4.If an object isn't used in any tags (except ActionScript), it will be removed. 5.Removes multiple ExportAssets tags of the same object. 6.Removes comments, EXIF-information,etc.from embedded JPEG images. For several files: 1.Detects identical objects and if possible exports them to a separate file for further joint use. 2.Detects identical classes of interface components and if possible exports them to new files, that results in decrease of amount information of downloaded from a server.


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