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Greetings and thank you for checking out this awesome stock Flash file. Building this carousel we aimed to make it one of the most flexible and parametric carousels on sale today, with a twist, namely the spiral feature. This allows for true unlimited items where traditional carousels run out of space. The carousel can take almost any usable form and it's extremely quick to set up and customize, geometric variations are limitless. Please check out the presets and use the preview sliders to get the desired look. Using the same variables in the .xml config file will get you the identical result. That's it! The file is a movie clip you can quickly drag into your project, so implementation is extremely easy and fast. Among the features : Horizontal, vertical, oblique, whatever you need, you can set the Z-axis angle to any degree; Infinite items, you can add as many as you like, virtually no limits. However, using a ton of items and blur+reflection can result in high cpu usage, and the blur quality should be reduced (more details in the help file); You can set any of the geometric parameters, including radius, elevation, spiral amount, spiral length (basically the length of the image vector) front and back zoom, back zoom and alpha etc; Advanced mouse over effects including zoom, separate stroke settings for normal/ mouse over, whitening of the image etc; Tooltip description allows for flexible length of the description text and a cool effect. Two skins are available. Advanced and Highly Optimized code; Through up/ down curvature, center offset, blur& alpha settings you can obtain virtually any useful look& feel; It has an autoplay function so this can be turned into a product ads rotator or showcase in seconds; You can use solid images as well as transparent .png files; ActionScript 2.0. So, so many more ! What can be changed in the XML file? all the photos, description, URL, target, AS action trigger; size of the thumbnails; auto rotate


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