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More Search Engines! Support for over 80 new search engines has been added to the Reporter and when applicable, to the Generator, Submitter, Page Critic and Traffic Analyzer. This brings Web Position's total to more than 102+ engines. Web Position's engine support is no longer limited to the U.S based engines. Version 2.10.2 introduces support for major search engines and directories in over a dozen other regions such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Whether you were looking for more global search engines, or wishing to optimize for audiences in other countries, version 2.10.2 will help expand your reach. More visibility means more traffic to your Web site. If you don't have a top 10 search engine optimization, WebPosition Gold will get you one! Enhancements 1. Added support for Yahoo Web Results in the submitter. This engine requires that the user have a Yahoo username/password and that the user logs in before submitting. Added technology to support this. 2. Various other minor enhancements in the submitter

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