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uICE remotely controls many Windows procedures such as executing/closing applications, simulating keyboard input, adjusting audio volume and shutting down your machine by receiving commands from infrared remote control receiver hardware connected to your computer. Control your Windows system with remote controls from TV sets or other home theater equipment! uICE comes with powerful features which let you do nearly everything with your remote control as easy as zapping around between TV channels. Take control over your favorite applications from your sofa! Many advanced functions pay attention to the limited amount of remote control buttons to control different applications with one single remote control, and even multiple, remotely selectable macros on one button are possible. Many functions such as adjusting volume, bass, treble of your soundcard give you visual feedback with an Onscreen Display, and the built-in TCP/IP server lets developers easily integrate remote control capabilities in their software without accessing the hardware. A plugin for WinAmp is available at the uICE website.

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