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Secret information, images, PIN-codes, passwords. Store them securely in this Safe on your PC. No more difficult codes to remember! With the personal locks, only YOU are able to open it. You can use a password, but with the personal locks, you don't need to remember difficult codes anymore! Choose your favourite colors, click on a secret spot in your own pictures, or use personal questions to which only you will know the answer! Any number of personal locks may be used, and they can be combined with the password. Drag and drop files, even when the Safe is closed 6 compartments which you can give their own name, are used to store files and directories. You may open files directly from the Safe Copy and paste or write text into 2 notebooks which may contain several pages with secret information The screen lock enables you to lock the screen with a password With the time lock, others will have serious trouble in trying to find the solution to your personal codes! The Safe contains: - 6 secured data compartments for files and directories - 2 notebooks for passwords, credit card numbers, pin codes, etcetera - a screen-lock with a password You can put files into the Safe by dragging them onto the Safe icon on your desktop. Also you can copy files into the Safe by right clicking a file, choosing "Send to..." and selecting the Software Safe. The additional Thermic Lance utility program allows you to open the Safe when you have forgotten the keys to any of the personal locks. You do need to remember the password at all times, since without the password it is nearly impossible to open the Safe. The Safe is designed for PC's with Windows 98SE, ME, NT4, XP or 2000.

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