prayaya v3

Misc Utilities


Prayaya V3 is a Mini-Windows which allows you to have your required programs and data on a USB Flash Drive or any Portable Storage Devices.Carry your data files,settings and applications (such as Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, MSN) on a USB storage device or iPod. Run them on any PC - at home or at work.Keeps your personal information at your fingertips. Features: 1. Fashionable work and life. 2. Compatible with hundreds of software applications, nearly all popular applications included; 3. Extending interface allows end users to make their own apps portable; 4. Multilingual User interface; 5. Leave no trace behind on the host PC; 6. Enables a safe portable computing environment for users speaking different 7. languages from all over the world 8. Full end user support from Prayaya


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