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Broadgun Software’s Pdf-Tool pdfMachine is a FREE way to produce great quality PDF files with ease! The windows print driver produces PDF files which preserves the integrity of your original documents. Convert MS Office documents to PDF’s using the pdfMachine MS Office toolbar. pdfMachine supports point-and-print installation and can be installed like any other network printer. pdfMachine White supports Word Mail Merge, digital signature, SMPT email, languages including Asian languages, Hebrew and Arabic. pdfMachine implements PDF 40-bit and 128-bit encryption. Documents can be password protected and permissions for printing, copying and modifying can be granted. If you know how to print a document then you already know how to use pdfMachine. It works with virtually any windows application. pdfMachine guarantees, that your document will arrive to your recipient 100 percent 1 :1 copy of your originals, Absolutely independent from the operating systems and fonts they use! *NEW features for pdfMachine White (Full Version): - Digital signatures with pdfMachine Signer - Word Mail Merge integration with pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge - SMTP email support with HTML body - Improved hyperlink and bookmark generation from Word and PowerPoint - pdfMachine viewer can be started in "stand alone" mode with no PDF loaded - Open and assemble ANY PDF file from the ‘File Open’ menu option, not just those created by pdfMachine - Able to open encrypted PDF's (passwords are prompted for if required) - "Sticky note" style comments/ annotations pdfMachine is great value and simple to use. It's a real innovation and no doubt a must for everyone who uses Windows! Other Products: pdfMachine Signer is the easy way to digitally sign your PDF files. pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge lets you use Microsoft Word mail merge to send emails with a PDF file attached. pdfMachine - Upgrade Protection.

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