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Looking for a way to build or enhance your music collection for your iPod or iPhone without having to manually download MP3s or rip music from CDs ? iGetMusic is the easiest and fastest way to create and enhance the music collection for your iPod, iPhone and any other MP3 player. Songs are recorded from the popular AOL Music, Yahoo Shoutcast and Play.It music services which offer over 6 million songs. Songs are automatically named and tagged with 100% accurate Title, Artist and Album information. Songs are stored in the AAC Plus (m4a) format which offers the same audio quality as MP3 at half the file size. These files can be played back on your iPod, iPhone and any other MP3 player supporting AAC or converted to MP3 files for playback on older MP3 players which do not support m4a files. Unlike other products, the songs recorded by iGetMusic songs are: - full length without missing anything at the beginning or end - the same as if copied directly from a CD; - are near CD quality by preserving the original encoded audio data without reencoding; - are 100% automatically named and tagged with 100% accurate title, artist and album information. iGetMusic can record several music streams in parallel. The number of stations that can be recorded in parallel and thus the speed of growing your music collection is only limited by the speed of your computer and internet connection.


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