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E-BookReader is an intelligent software adapt to read e-books for a long time. The software has the following functions and characteristics. 1. DownLoad (1)We can download the book form internet and compress it to a singl Zip file. 2. Read (2)The Level Screen-roll can adjust arbitrarily how many words to be read per minute. (3)Intelligent Reassembly Function can be used to clear all typesetting mistakes and help to re-organize the paragraphs. (4)Multi-file Pattern makes it possible to read files like Txt, Html, and Zip etc. (5)Html Filter can automatically filter all kinds of controlled characters. (6)Fixed Reading Scheme--- the software has many fixed color and typeface patterns. (7)Rest Reminder: you can set the time to remind you to have a rest after a certain time. 3. Managing (8)Stack Room makes it easy to manage great numbers of e-books. 4. Amusement (9)You can enjoy the music with the little music control board.

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