Xanv personal firewall

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Xanv firewall is a powerful personal firewall for Win98/ME/2000/XP/2003 , it intercept and filter the net packets from Windows NDIS layer, TDI layer and APP layer by the predefine rules . It can eliminate the baleful data and protect home users' internet security all-sided . The Key features: 1.Check and control all the IP packets passed thru the net interface 2.Control application network operation: visit website, act as a server and send E-mail,etc. 3.Protect E-mail security by changing attachment extension. 4.Filtrating malice or useless HTTP content, e.g. block Cookie, WSH script and pop-up ads. window. The full source codes of Xanv firewall are available now!100% C++ source code!Please visit http://www.xanv.com or contact support@xanv.co .


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