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PDF Combiner's interface is simple and intuitive. You can see and select files like in Windows Explorer. You can also use search to count pages of files in sub folder. Just select files and set the order of merging and merge documents in one. PDF Combiner is the premier tool for combining PDF files. This unique program has powerful browsing and searching capabilities as well as an easy to use interface to selecting precisely what PDF Documents you would like to combine, set order of pages in new combine file. Included is a recursive search feature, advanced date searching capabilities, and a powerful search function for finding files by created, modified, and accessed information. You can also Append the PDF file to many PDF files in one time. You can also Add or Insert pages inside the PDF file in batch mode. Product Features: # A simple, flexible and powerful interface. # Easy to use interface with minimum learning curve . # Fast and Error Free Combining or merging of PDF Files. # Fast and Effective Searches. # You can set order of new combine or merged file. # Append PDF file to many PDF files in batch mode. # Add or Insert any page from PDF file in batch mode. # You can open PDF Combiner from Windows Explorer's right click menu popularly knows as context menu. # Command line version also available


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