Password Management Utilities


WinPass from "Pantaray Research Ltd." is the easiest to use and most friendly Secured Password Organizer & Launcher. WinPass will help you store your passwords and other sensitive data in a secured database protected with one master password. WinPass is using innovative techniques to help you enter your credentials into any website or PC application with only few mouse clicks. WinPass highlights: Easy to install and use. Provides the highest protection of your data using the "TwoFish" crypto algorithm. Compatible with any browser and any PC application. Can be easily installed and operated from your DiskOnKey. Will automatically learn your favorite websites login parameters. Will launch and login to your favorite websites with just few mouse clicks. Will run from your PC tray, no need to install any toolbar in your browser. Will minimize itself to the tray, hiding your sensitive data from prying eyes. Will produce quality passwords using a versatile password generator. Will synchronize your databases if you are working on more then one PC.


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