WinGuard Pro 2003

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Are you concerned about inquisitive individuals rummage in your PC? Have you no means of protecting your private data and system settings? Try WinGuard Pro Free to keep malice and ignorance at bay. WinGuard Pro Free is a program that lets you lock some features of your system so that nobody can use them while you are away. The program lets you specify a password and then choose from a variety of options - what features to lock, for example, the find tool, backing up, desktop, etc. All the options are listed within one window and they are self-explaining, so there is no need to wade your way through dozens of sub-folders and weird registry key values. The limited version of the program is free - you're asked as you first install the program what version you would like to activate: the free one or the shareware one. Download the program today and lock your Windows from prying eyes.

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