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We're glad to present you with a new version of Watchman, an advanced monitoring tool for all kinds of users. Watchman monitors user activity, restricts access to programs, keeps an eye on your files and more. Version 8 of this award-winning program introduces two major new features: advanced user monitoring and reporting tools. Featuring a simple interface, Watchman allows you to restrict and monitor computers easily. In addition, advanced users can also view, print and export detailed reports of user activity. If you need to stop unwanted applications, password protect access to programs or windows, protect documents from tampering, monitor application usage, and set your own rules, then you need Watchman. Install and forget about it! Watchman runs silently in the background, keeping your system safe from unauthorized eyes at all times. Watchman also includes a powerful reporting system that sends you an email with usage data to keep you informed. Watchman includes not only new exciting and profitable functionalities for Windows Vista, but also for Windows XP, 2000, 2003. Antivirus and firewalls are not enough: computers are still filled with unwanted software again and again. Take action now: download Watchman and save time and money.

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