Visual Hindsight Home Edition

Access Control Utilities


Monitor your home or business over the Internet with Visual Hindsight--powerful, simple to use, affordable to own! Visual Hindsight is the ideal remote network camera surveillance and recording tool for private or commercial use. Perfect for remote monitoring of convenience stores, gas stations, day care centers, retirement facilities, hospitals, laboratories, commercial property, private homes, and more. Feature Synopsis: * Quick and easy to install, simple to operate. No additional hardware required. * View up to 16 live video streams while simultaneously recording 4 streams to disk as compressed AVI files. * Record and playback up to 90 minutes of continuous footage. * Automatic 7-day wrap-around retention for optimal use of disk space. * Support for virtually any network camera, Internet camera, or video server capable of producing JPEG still images or JPEG multi-part image streams. * Support for standard analog cameras connected via network video servers. * Support for remote pan, tilt, zoom, random and preset positioning, and ad-hoc commands. * Support for username and password at the application and camera operating system level. * Encrypted camera URL database for higher security. * Embed date and time directly into live video stream while recording. * Multi-lingual user interfaces, offering English, French, Italian and Spanish (included free with Visual Hindsight). * Play back previously recorded video footage with the Microsoft Windows Media Player (included free with Windows) or compatible software. * Support for video stretch-image, full-screen and auto tile functions. * Built with Windows NT 32-bit technology, for robust and smooth operation. * Need more flexibility and power? Check our site for details on Visual Hindsight Professional Edition. * Sorry, traditional Web Cams NOT supported.


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