Virtual CD

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Virtual CD enables you to access yourfavorite game- and application CDs athard-disk speed without spin-up delay and any CDswapping. Are you bothered by programs thatrequire an inserted CD? Virtual CD creates compressedvirtual images of CDs on hard disk and emulates CDdrives to access and to run applications. Themedia itself is not required anymore.No more piles of CDs lying around, getting scratchedor lost. Ideal for notebook users: Nomore battery-hungry CD drive or loadsof CDs to carry. By the way, you may even listen to yourfavorite music CDs without a CD drive!Virtual CD supports data-, audio-, mixed mode CDs andCD Extra. Optionally with MP3 compressionallowing up to 95% compression rates!The new Virtual CD Editor allows you to compose yourmusic CD containing your favorite tracks or discardunnecessary files from the source CD.Virtual CD also includes networking functionality.


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