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User Activities Monitoring Software track user activity, captures every single pressed key board character and save in hidden log file. Utility records all pressed keystroke including special function keys of any application. Software is password protected, so no one can modify your settings. Every type of forms, document, login password wizard, any application can be easily tracked by this utility. Utility runs in invisible mode and not display in task manager, start menu and control panel add-remove list. This records application status, drive location, session, time and date, application caption with each keystroke and save it in log file. It backup all user data so that you can recover useful information, login password later in the case of system crash. This software can be used at offices as well as at home to monitor user activity especially kids. You can check your kids to do offensive yahoo, msn chat activity, harmful conversation of online communities (orkut, ryze, myspace, Hi5, Gazzag, etc), restricted content accessing, view illegal unpleasant sites clips. Utility supports windows 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000, 2003, VISTA. Features: * Tool run in hidden mode no one can trace it or uninstall it. * Key logger Software is user friendly GUI based tool with inbuilt help support. * Records all keyboard character as well as special keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Tab…). * It is the best tool to monitor the users while you are away from your computer. * Data Doctor invisible keylogger is read only non-destructive recording software. * This is very small application and uses very few system resources in background. * Track all information related to application and secretly monitor kids, user activity. * It also helps to recover some important information which may be loss due to application crash.

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