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Now with FTP support, function lists, TAG Lists and a lot more. This is an excellent replacement for Notepad and a whole lot more. One of the most powerful Windows Editors thats very easy to use. Many new features in reponse to user feedback. With support for unlimited file sizes,100,000 word spelling checker, drag and drop, full HEX editing capabilities, configurable syntax highlighting for programmers, column editing, column ruler, line numbers for display and printing, sort, and a configurable toolbar. The userconfigurable syntax highlighting(coloring) is pre-configured for HTML, Java, C/C++, VB - even has special support for FORTRAN. Configurable Key Mapping. Users have often edited files of 1GB or larger with UltraEdit-32. Its disk based editing design allows for easy handling of large files without using up lots of RAM. UltraEdit-32 will meet your editing needs.


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