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UltimaShell is a comprehensive enhancement and tool box for MS windows. It autocompletes words/phrases, autoexpands shorthands in any applications on MS Windows. It auto-learns new words while you type. It provides libraries for up to 10 western languages and most popular programming languages. UltimaShell supports multiple clipboard with appending mode copy and stored clipboard history file. URL aliasing enables you to access long and frequently used URL (web address / program / document / directory) by short alias. Embedded editing brings various text-processing functions to any standalone editors. Built-in commands provide great convenience for quick access to search engine, browser nagivation and computer management, etc. Quick-run dialog helps you run programs, open files and browse web sites with least trouble. UltimaShell includes handy shortcuts to shut down, log off, reboot computer, dial up, hang up, IE favourites, etc.

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