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If you search for virtual USB, USB over tcp, virtual usb port or even USB emulator - that is our USB@nywhere. Access USB equipment from anywhere anytime just for 17.99$ today The software is installed in 2 CLICKS & is highly SECURE (due to own developed protocol which cannot be intercepted and recognized by known hack tools, also hardware is emulated on kernel level, which is unreachable for known spyware and malware, so no risks of affecting normal functioning of the software; the system has strong error recovery and rejects network DoS attacks; nobody can connect to your hardware without your permission). Careful Help files will give full imagination of the system. We offer SPECIAL EDITIONS now: hasp key, scanner, mass storage devices, input devices, modem, printer and of course universal edition which you can try to use with any other USB equipment. USB@nywhere meets such needs as: - Need to get remote access to USB equipment - Need to share USB devices - Need to give access to USB device to multiple remote machines - Need to get connected to multiple USB devices from 1 remote machine - Need to access USB device from anywhere anytime - Need in wireless network. If there is WLAN station with USB hub on board, it is possible to interact with equipment connected to the station just as if it was physically linked up to computer ports using our technology. - Need in synchronization systems. Very precious for mobile technologies sector. - Need in easy and convenient work with USB devices even on Virtual machine or terminal server. Support team is constantly available at


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