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ToolsWorks is all-in-one automation software consisting from Perfect Keyboard PRO, ToolbarPro, WinScheduler and ClickyMouse tools integrated in one, easy to use (Windows Explorer like) interface. * Perfect Keyboard allows you to work faster when typing on your keyboard. You can create a file of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, clipboard entries, scripts, and invoke them in any application just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or pressing a hot key (key shortcut). * ClickyMouse tool allows you to assign actions to different mouse events (moving mouse cursor to a screen edge or screen corner, a mouse button click, mouse shake, etc.). * WinScheduler allows you to schedule variety of different tasks to run on defined time or a specific * ToolbarPro is a powerful and highly configurable toolbar that allows you to perform variety different tasks just by a single Thanks to powerful build-in macro language (contains 100+ commands) the ToolsWorks allows a user to perform variety tasks including: inserting text (often used phrases, special characters, etc.), inserting time & date, file operations, clipboard operations, FTP upload & download, windows operation, driving other apps by sending keystrokes to them, text formatting and more. The macro language supports variables and several flow-control commands (if-else, loop, wait, etc.). Macro language is easy to use. All available commands are organized in a tree and each command is visually editable. Quick features listing: toolbar tabs, docking, auto hide, custom colors, submenus, large/small icons, unlimited number of items, text shortcuts, hot-keys, copy & paste, drag & drop, find, network support, multiple users support, lock mode, password protection, macro recording (both keyboard and mouse events), application specific macros, strong scripting language with over than 100 commands (for file management, clipboard handling, text formatting, internet/FTP access, windows manipulation, macro flow control, networking, variables manipulating and more), visual commands editing, import/export, wizards, and more.

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