Clipboard Management Tools


TextBoard is a tool that allowes to expand the potential of clipboard Windows. The program has a convenient, adjustable and "quick" user interface and a lot of the functionalities that facilitate essentially the process of editing. Here are some basic functions of the program: Automatic saving of up to last 48 fragments of the text (clips) from a clipboard in window Recent Clips, with an opportunity of their subsequent insert directly in the text. Independently saving of up to 48 clips in window Favorite Clips, with an opportunity of saving of a set of clips in a file. Storing of the data in clips, both in text, and in RTF a format. Editing of clips in the built - in editor. Transformation of clips to templates. Insertion of multiline fragment of text with an indent - proceeding from the current position of the caret in a window of application. Automatic positioning of the caret in the inserted text. Code conversion of the selected text fragment typed in a wrong layout of the keyboard, or at wrongly pressed cAPS lOOK.


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