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THE BUILT-IN THE GENERATOR OF HTML-CODE PAGES OF SITE FOR SELECTION OF SPARE PARTS FOR THE SELECTED CAR (see demo-site http://tecdoc.bovsoft.com/creatorsite.htm) ------------------------------------- Program to export data the TecDoc database in Excel. For Web developers, auto parts stores. Programmers to fill the tables of spare parts of cars. ------------------------------------- + Export list of cars with the details (criteria) for the area (country). + The difference between exports for cars and trucks. + Export list of brands (manufacturers) parts with details (criteria) for the area (country). + Exports of articles of auto parts with details (criteria). + Export Cross-reference table spare parts + Export tables for creating catalog Search of spare parts for selected car + Export image parts with converting on the fly in your image format. + Export groups table links between motor vehicles and parts which are applicable on this vehicle + Export table for KBA/MIME/NUMBERPLATE module. + Export the link tables + Export PDF-files for spare parts (installation manual and other images). ------------------------------------- - possible to convert CSV-files in SQL-script - possible to import SQL-script directly into the database - Added form SQL editor, which will allow run the test queries for the connected database. Output data as csv or html file

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