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TaskBuster makes the business of using and managing good strong passwords easy. Passwords are not stored, but generated each time you need them. Reproduced only on entry of your unique Pinkey, which itself is not stored, means very secure passwords. Memo Manager stores your reminders. Click on the TaskBuster icon to see the quick graphic summary of what's due. Deal with bill payments and action reminders as they come up, then archive them by subject heading for recall anytime in the future. TaskBuster is multifunctional because people are multifunctional. You need fast access to your archives when you take calls. You need quick and easy access to your existing passwords, as well as a quick way to generate a new password for yet another site. Generate it, use it, then forget it until the next time you need it. Most users have anywhere from 25 to 30 websites they access with passwords. TaskBuster manages that with ease without having to use any one password more than once. Memo Manager allows you to deal with those usual interruptions quickly and easily. A bill arrives in the mail, put a quick reminder in Memo Manager then forget it for now. Someone calls you about something you have been dealing with, pop up the archives, get up to speed, update them with this call then move on. Trying to remember when and how much you paid Amex, or when your registration is due, check your archives.The end of the day and you need to back up your work. It has to be quick and easy or it simply does not get done. With the great little flash drives available now just plug them in click on the back up you want to do, wait a few moments and it is done. Disconnect the little flash drive and take it with you and your back ups are secure. It's easy and it's fast. TaskBuster is a productivity tool. It's job is to make your life easier by taking care of the simple repetitive little tasks that come up all day, every day. If you have these little tasks you need TaskBuster.

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