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Compact and very powerful program for creating talismans using one of the best algorithms- Solomon's algorithm. After creating just save talisman on CD or floppy and your life will be changed. 1. Why Talisman Creator? The program we've created is the only product, which allows you to create cabbalistic talismans in binary form. After creating, you can just put your talisman into the Floppy disk or CD and get all benefits of the cabbalistic science. All your desires will become a reality. 2. About the program. This program uses the Solomon's shifting algorithm for encrypting data into the pentacle cabbalistic structures. All results are stored into the files with the ".tal" extension. 3. About us. We're a team of developers and we're fond of hermetic, esoteric and cabbalistic sciences. 4. How to use Talisman Creator. When you've just started the Talisman Creator, press the "Create new talisman" button. You will see the creating window. Fill in all needed fields and press the "Create talisman" button.


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