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SureType types any text for you, automatically. For example, type "address" and SureType will paste your entire address into a web form, email, or other document or program. SureType also opens any program, file, folder, or Website for you. Type "word" to open Word, "yahoo" to open in a browser, or "finance" to open your financial folder or file. Setting up shortcuts is fast and easy with SureType's Shortcut Wizard, so you can start saving time immediately. SureType helps you simplify your life with easy-to-use shortcuts. It only takes 3 minutes to make shortcuts for your most common tasks, so you can avoid doing the same things over and over, like looking through your start menu to open the same programs or files, or typing in long lines of text, like your address. Main features: Insert/paste text automatically into online forms, documents, emails Open any file or folder instantly to avoid searching through hard drive Launch any program without searching through start menu by typing a word (outlook, word, explorer) Open favorite Websites by typing shortcuts (cnn, google, yahoo) Set up shortcuts quickly and start saving time immediately with the Shortcut Wizard Enter multiple shortcuts at once with the Batch Entry feature Open pre-addressed emails to friends by typing their name Print out shortcut list for easy reference Import/Export customized lists of shortcuts to share with friends or co-workers Easy access to all shortcuts through taskbar menu SureType doesn't interfere with other typing because it uses a special key (default is the backslash key- \) to distinguish between regular typing and SureType shortcuts. Download SureType now to start saving time today.

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