SpyOn Voice

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SpyOn Voice is a suite of programs that allows you to eavesdrop on a conversation in another room using the remote computers microphone. Most computers today have an in-built microphone – or an external one can be cheaply purchased and installed. The microphone will be your ears and there will be no secrets from you. SpyOn Voice sends everything heard by the “bugged” computers microphone to your own computer. Sitting in comfort you can listen to other people’s conversations, arguments, their plans, what they think about you, the phone calls they make etc. Want to spy on your spouse, a business colleague you don’t like, or simply know what you children are doing? – Do it by using SpyOn Voice! SpyOn Voice consists of two programs. One is a “bug” which you install on the computer you want to eavesdrop on, and the other is the “monitor” that allows you to listen to what is going on. You can install the “bug” on as many computers as you want – but you can only listen to one at a time. The “bug” is totally invisible on the bugged computer. The user will be totally unaware that they are being bugged and will be able to use their computer normally. You install the “monitor” on your own computer. When you start it you will be able to see which bugged computers are currently available for you to connect to. Then just simply connect to bugged computer and listen to what is going on.


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