ShellCon - Shell for Converters

File Maintenance and Repair Utilities


When you are using a different software, you very often have a problem with converting from one file format to other file format. Usually such converting you make by using small utilities. An interface of such utilities are similar. Users select files and select a destination folder for result. Sometime users set a spatial options for converters. We have developed a shell for converters (ShellCon). The ShellCon can help users and developers: For users the ShellCon are common shell for converters. Users will have one program with one interface for a lot of converters. For developers the ShellCon are a tool for fast creating converters. A developer don't need to create a shell and interface for user. A developer make a force for creating converter. Developer will create a converter as dll and put it to the ShellCon folder. ShareWare version can add only one converter.


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