SeaMonkey Backup 2011

Backup and Copy Utilities


With SeaMonkey Backup 2011 you can easily backup all your Mozilla SeaMonkey profiles and restore them quickly when needed. SeaMonkey Backup 2011 automatically detects whether Mozilla SeaMonkey is installed on your computer, therefore avoiding the need for complicated settings. SeaMonkey Backup 2011 saves space on your computer by automatically compressing your backup files. Furthermore, these files can be protected from unauthorized access by a 256-Bit AES encryption meaning that they can be safely stored on an FTP server. With SeaMonkey Backup 2011 you can easily browse through existing backup files just as easily as with Windows Explorer meaning that single specific files can be restored. Additionally, SeaMonkey Backup 2011 facilitates an automatic backup system meaning your Mozilla SeaMonkey profiles are backed up at a specified time and your backup files remain up to date. It does not matter how many Mozilla SeaMonkey profiles you have, because compared to other programs of this kind, SeaMonkey Backup 2011 create a backup of all profiles located on your system including your bookmarks, passwords, personal settings, emails, account settings, add-ons and much more. SeaMonkey Backup 2011 creates a cross-platform backup which, for example, makes it incredibly easy to upgrade to a new operating system. If you have backed up your Mozilla SeaMonkey profiles on a computer with a certain operating system, for example, Windows XP, you can use SeaMonkey Backup 2011 to easily restore it on a computer with a different operating system such as Windows 7 without any problems or adjustments. Furthermore, you can create a portable version of SeaMonkey Backup 2011 meaning you can constantly have a helpful resource to hand when you travel. SeaMonkey Backup 2011 from zebNet is easy to use as it is completely self-explanatory. This program is also well suited for more novice users.


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